Company Name Country Year of Transaction Activity Responsability
Consumer, Retail & Leisure
Company Name: Bulldog Country: US Date: 2013 Activity: Bulldog is a US market leader in fastening and hanging hardware. Responsability: David Williamson/Jan Kreminski/Ron Foy
Company Name: Shur-Line Country: US Date: 2013 Activity: Shur-Line is a leading manufacturer of paint related tools and accessories. Responsability: David Williamson/Jan Kreminski/Ron Foy
Company Name: World and Main, LLC ("WAM") Country: US and China Date: 2018 Activity: WAM develops, markets and distributes throughout North America. Its core categories include home environment, security and builder's hardware, plumbing products and paint applicators. Responsability: David Williamson/Jan Kreminski
Engineering & Manufacturing
Company Name: Walbro Co. Ltd. Country: US, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and China Date: 2021 Activity: A global market leader in the manufacture of engine management and fuel systems for the lawn and garden, recreation, marine and ground support markets Responsability: Omiros Millas/Jan Kreminski
Company Name: HRS Heat Exchangers Country: UK, Spain, India Date: 2021 Activity: Operates at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer products with strong focus on energy efficiency Responsability: David Williamson/Jan Kreminski
Company Name: Exchanger Industries Country: Canada, India Date: 2011 Activity: Exchanger Industries designs and manufactures heat transfer equipment for the global oil, natural gas, and petrochemical industries. Responsability: David Williamson/Jan Kreminski
Company Name: NexxtDrive Country: UK Date: 2002 Activity: NexxtDrive is a technology development and licensing business focused on developments associated with power-combining transmissions, using electric motors to control a conventional mechanical gearbox. Responsability: David Williamson
Company Name: Sterling Thermal Technology Country: UK Date: 2018 Activity: Sterling Thermal Technology has manufactured a comprehensive range of heat exchangers in the UK since 1904 and has a proven international expertise and experience in many sectors of industry including pharmaceuticals, rail and transportation, defence and oil and gas . Responsability: David Williamson/Jan Kreminski/Ralph Forster
Company Name: Wescon Plastics Country: US Date: 2012 Activity: A manufacturer of custom plastic injection moulded parts using highly-engineered resins primarily for the battery and heavy duty truck industries, based in Wichita, Kansas. Responsability: David Williamson/Jan Kreminski
Services & Distribution
Company Name: Parseq Services Country: UK Date: 2011 Activity: With a blue chip client base from Barclays and British Gas through to Lloyds, Orange, RBS and Virgin Media, Parseq provides a range of value-added, technology-led BPO services. Responsability: David Williamson
Technology, Media & Telecoms
Company Name: Parseq Data Centres Country: UK Date: 2011 Activity: Parseq Data Centres consists of a 12,000 square foot, Tier 3, carrier neutral data centre in Hellaby, Doncaster. Responsability: David Williamson
Company Name: Intelligent Environments ('IE') Country: UK Date: 2011 Activity: Intelligent Environments (‘IE') is the leading provider of digital banking software for mobile and online channels. IE delivers expert software solutions for businesses offering financial products and services. Responsability: David Williamson